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Patrick has owned rabbits most of his life. Together we've owned rabbits for our own consumption and pleasure for 27 years.

Twelve years ago while at Michigan Fiber Festival I saw an Angora rabbit and fell in love. Since that time we've owned all four breeds of angoras. The French angora breed works the best for our life style, though we do own two Giant/Satin hybrids and one Satin buck along with our French.

We occasionally have bunnies for sale. If you're interested in a bunny and we don't have what you want, or need, we can direct you to quality breeders that should be able to help you.

We also have angora wool for sale. Prime plucked wool is $6.00 per ounce. Seconds, which are great for craft work and felting, are $3.00 per ounce.

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